Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to beat inflation and insure your family against harder times

Stocking up on long term storage food isn’t just for emergency survival. It’s also your insurance against inflation and harder times. Its always a good idea to have at least a months worth of food on hand but I recommend 3 or more depending on your budget.

 Think about it you can feed a family of 6 for 1 month for $435 to $670 dollars, depending on if you prefer 2 or 3 meals a day. You would have to be a pretty thrifty shopper to beat those prices in a grocery store today. So that’s the cost today but what about a year from now or 15 years from now. God forbid you’ve lost your job or find yourself in harder times. Can you imagine what a months or 3 months worth of food will cost in 15 years? With a 25 year shelf life you’ve just beaten the heck out of inflation and if you do find yourself in harder times or have lost your job, you’ve given yourself one less thing to worry about. Its great peace of mind in trying times to know your family will still eat well.

 So what kind of long term storage food should you get? Well I recommend Wise Foods Companies line of long term storage food for several reasons. They are one of the best tasting pre-made foods on the market. They use a combination of both freeze dried and dehydrated foods. This gains the advantage of maintaining both the nutritional value and taste at the same time. They are downright affordable and they come in easy to prepare 2 to 4 serving pouches instead of # 10 cans. Two major problems with the # 10 cans, once they are open you are stuck eating a large portion of one kind of food because you have to use up the whole can before it spoils and secondly if you are in a disaster or for some reason have to move your food stock can you imagine trying to move a months worth of food stored in #10 cans? In the pouch and bucket style of food storage you simply grab the bucket handle and go, you’ve got a months supply of a variety foods. By the way a bucket is light enough a child can carry it. So for me it’s kind of a no brainer.


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