Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Goal

When our family moved back to Colorado and we started doing a lot of outdoor activities, my wife thought it was a good idea to carry a survival kit. In looking for a survival kit she found that commercial kits were basically a joke. This started Rocky Mountain Survival. I have an extensive background in survival and started helping her with her project. The more we dug the worse it got. Not only did the commercial survival kits lack in forethought but a lot of the blogs and information out there was full of political extremists. Well you don't have to be an extremist or a doomsayer to be a prepper. A little common since and awareness of our current state is enough to make anybody a prepper.
 So our goal at Rocky Mountain Survival is to bring to the public properly designed survival gear, Good deals on long term storage food and the best survival information we can find that won't offend you or warp your mind. We try to be very active in public awareness.



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