Thursday, November 10, 2011

Survival Knives

Well I am new at this Blogging thing, so I figured, I might as well start off with the most controversial thing in survival. Maybe this way I will get some comments. By the way, we will post all comments that are not nasty or derogatory.
 A survival knife is both one of your most important tools in survival and I would say the most controversial. Depending on what side of the fence you are on will generally govern your decision about what kind of knife to carry. You have the people that like big Rambo and tactical knives. This I feel is more for the looks than the usability. Then, you have the group that thinks the more expensive the knife the better the knife must be. In some cases this is true but not necessarily.
 I myself prefer to carry several knives. If I am hunting or just out for a day or two I carry our stage 1 survival kit which affords me to carry several knives. I usually carry 1 large knife for brush clearing, shelter building, etc. and a medium utility knife. If I could only carry one knife it would have to be the Mora bushcraft survival knife. I like the Mora's for several reasons. They come razor sharp and hold an edge very well. They are made well so they hold up to abuse and they don't break your budget.
 My standing on survival knives differs from a lot of peoples but basically my survival knife is to help me survive and not to make me look cool or tough. I have a 200 dollar knife but it is almost always at home, the reason being is in the back country it is easy to loose a knife and in a survival situation you definitely abuse it. So I do not like the idea of carrying around an expensive knife in the wilderness. The other reason I carry several knives is if I loose, damage or dull one I do not have to stop the task at hand to repair the knife. I can simply grab the back-up knife and continue, then repair the damaged knife later when I have time.
 I know that other than the Mora I have not given much in the way of brands of knives. I have done this intentionally as I do not feel that it is as much the brand as it is the style and material of the blade.
Just remember, there are a lot of very good survival knives out there that are not expensive. You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a good knife. Buy the knife for its intended use and keep in mind that Rambo and tactical knives are for defense and not truly designed for survival and as a general rule of thumb the cooler it looks, the less likely it will be practical for a survival situation.
I do have one exception to this rule and that a Tanto blade knife. Tanto's are considered tactical knives but because of the blade design they do make great survival knives. The design is such that if you stab something it is going to go in and its wide tip makes it perfect for digging and prying.


Survival Knives said...

Hello Dude,

Survival knives have many designs and sizes. There are long and heavy survival knives with a design similar to a machete. Some are still built based on the design of the Bowie knife, with a long strong blade. Still other survival knives are of a folding design for compact carrying. Thanks a lot.....

Timo said...

Yes survival knives come in many forms but the point I am trying to make is that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get good survival knives. Yes quite often you will see Bowies and tactical knives advertised as survival knives but go find a true bushcraftsman and see how many Bowies or tacticals knives he owns.Basically what ever is comfortable for you to use then use it but someone trying to learn bushcraft I would never advise buying a 100 dollar knife or even an experianced one asking advise. The main point I am trying to get accross is dont buy 1 knife for 1 or 2 hundred dollars buy 3 for less than 100 and you will be much better equiped and happier if you find yourself in a survival situation. Just what ever you do do not buy these hollow handled knives filled with survival stuff you will regret it the first time you do any heavy chopping. I have practiced bushcraft for almost 50 years but I am only trying to give you common sense information based on many years experiance.

Kristi Carter said...

Awesome post - I may have to purchase one of these for my spouse for the holidays.

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