Friday, November 11, 2011

Survival Kits

Ok, I will say what I have to say about commercial survival kits and be done with it. Commercial survival kits are lacking so much in design and practicality that I feel compelled to write this article. To begin with almost all kits come with water purification. These tablets purify 1 qt of water, but commercial kits do not give you anything to purify water in, this is a serious lack of foresight. Since Rocky Mountain Survival has pointed out this short-coming some kits are now including 1 qt ziplock bags (not exactly a good way to transport water). I even saw one kit that now says the bag the kit comes in holds 1qt and can be used to purify your water in. Ok, so what are you supposed to do with everything in your kit while you purify and drink your water.  Commercial kits are just plain not well thought out. I could go over point after point but I do not want to bore you so I will just hit on one more thing. The bags they come in, if you look at the market you will see that kit after kit all come in cheap nylon mini backpacks. Ok, so you are a hunter or hiker and going on a back country trip for the weekend. You grab your regular backpack with all your clothes and bedding etc. so now where do you put the survival kit? Your regular pack is full of gear. Ok, so you have 2 choices, lose some gear out of your regular pack to accommodate the survival kit or attach it to the outside of your other pack. Neither is an option I would want but lets say you do drop some gear and manage to get the survival kit in your other pack. So now your in the back country and something happens. God forbid, you've just taken a fall and your leg is caught in a some brush. You need to get to your saw but its in your survival kit. So now you have to manage to get your pack off to get to your kit. Again not good ideas. A survival kit should be easy to get to at all times. That's why we pack our wilderness survival kit in a drop leg pouch. It sits on your thigh where it is always easily accessible. Even our bug out bag which is often used as a multi-day pack in the back country comes in the UTG tactical messenger bag which hangs at your side for easy access. This is why we spend so much time in the back country testing and honing our kits. Ok, I am not going to talk up our kits anymore I shouldn't have to, they speak for themselves. As when you purchase anything, think about the practicality and usefulness of the product you are purchasing.


Kristi Carter said...

Interesting post...Didn't realize how inclusive those kits are - definitely worth it!

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